In this year Feb, when everybody just come back from our 2022 Chinese New Year holiday and through ourselves to the working again, the corona virus attacked our city, many areas in our city have to be safe controlled, many people have to be quarantined at home. Our company area also included, we can’t come to office, have to work at home, but this didn’t influence our work, everybody still keep hard working and response customers in time.Even some customers delivery was delayed a little, but all under control, and our customers also showed understanding to us and keep waiting some days more for order delivery, here, we have to say that Many many thanks for our customers this kind support and understanding.

As expected, because our city government take timely action and citizen active cooperation, virus was controlled and everything come back soon, we come back to office work again since March,1st , every working process goes smoothly like before.

In fact, our company already taken measures to response to virus since 2019. when virus first time visit in the world in the end of 2019, many customers was influenced a lot by this, our company try to do some help for them, then we booked a lot medical masks here and send to all of our customers in different countries, even though that’s not belong to what a big favor, but during that time it really helped our customers a lot, because in most countries during that time, the medical mask is not enough supply.

That 2019 virus also made our company thought a lot, health is really very very important, then our company started to organized many different sports activities that can enhance our staff physical fitness, and enjoy life more.
In this time 2022 virus event, many of our staff participated in volunteer work, helped a lot for the work against the epidemic, we are very proud of it, this is our company unity and help each other spirit!

Post time: Mar-23-2022