Our company planned to have a team building on April. 24th 2021,so on that day we went to the downtown, because there are so many tourist attractions and interesting places there.

First we visited the Humble Administrator’s garden, it is founded in the early year of Zhengde of Ming Dynasty (early 16th century), it is a representative work of classical gardens in Jiangnan. The Humble Administrator’s garden, together with the summer palace in Beijing, Chengde summer resort and Suzhou Lingering Garden, is known as the four famous gardens in China. It is very famous in China,so we visited that,there are so many ancient buildings in Jiangnan style,and many different beautiful flowers around the building. There is a famous TV play called “The Dream of Red Mansion” in China shot here, which attract a lot of people visit this place. You can see a lot of people took photos everywhere, of course we also did it.

After took 2 hours we left there and visit so many places,such as Suzhou Museum which is a history of Suzhou city, the Shantang ancient street,it is a interesting place,the scenery is beautiful ,the river is very clean,there are many small fish in the river, some young boys and girls took some bread and gave it to the fish,then will a lot of fish swim together and grab the food.,It is a magnificent sight. And there are many small shops on both sides of the road,such as snack bar, clothes shop, jewelry shop,that’s why attract a lot of young person come here.

It is very tired and hungry after about 3 hours, then we went a hot pot restaurant and ordered a lot of delicious food, then enjoy it.

I think it is a very special day and every one had a wonderful time. Will never be forgotten.

Post time: Mar-23-2022