Now Covid-19 pneumonia is rampaging around the world. And here in our city suzhou also in the serious situation recently. To ensure our customer received a security package. We will do more action to support that. Now follow me to see how we do.

1. Before enter to the building, we need to check your temperature is ok and if your healthy code is green or not. About healthy code was development by our country to ensure you are healthy. if you are good, the code will be green.

2. After enter to company we need to disinfect

3. For the package, we pack them with glove to ensure we not touch the package

4. All is ready and then can ship the package to customer

Our company have deal in all kinds of textile machine for more than 7 years(such as knitting machine parts, ssm machine parts,weaving machine parts,chenille machine parts,barmag machine parts etc..), not only we have good quality for our products but also we pay attention to our customer’s healthy. Our products sell all around the world, such as Turkey, America, Mexico,Germany,Asia,etc….So don’t be hesitate,just contact us if you have an inquiry. We are here wait for you.

Now is purchasing holiday of March, so we have some promotion for the hot sell products.and have enough stock for the order. and also we have prepared some gifts.

For the shipping, you can choose express, by sea,by air all depends on what you needed. Usually we have cooperated express and shipping is cheaper if you don’t have shipping account or don’t know an shipping agent in China.

Do you have any other issue that i have not mentioned above? You can contact us. We have processional experience and knowledge to help you.

Post time: Mar-23-2022